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6th SW Competition (SW Coding Challenge Week) will be held from Oct. 28th to Nov.
8th. Two exams will be given during the competition. Those who are qualified for the first
exam are eligible to participate in the second exam. Those who prove their excellence in
coding will be awarded a scholarship and the certificate for the excellence in SW coding


1. Who should apply : Sejong University Undergradute Students
2. Programming Language : “C”
3. Exams : 1st and 2nd exams
4. Schedule :


Date: 2019.9.23.(M) 9:00 ~ 2018.10.18.(F) 23:00



- 1st Exam (all participants) : One day
between 2019.10.28.(M)~2019.11.01.(F)* 18:30~20:30
- 2nd Competition (who are qualified for the
1st exam) : One day between 2019.11.06.(W)~2019.11.08.(F)* 18:30~20:30
- Must appear by 18:10

- Competition : Use a computer to resolve problem sets, real-time evaluation
- Open book : One reference book is allowed


Result: 2019.11.22.(F)


Go to the link below and submit application

Note Apply online only

PC rooms (TBD) website

* Subject to change upon the status of the application. Final information will be e-mailed to all the participants and posted on the university web site


Preliminary Schedule Competition
2018.10.28.(M)~2018.10.29.(T) 1st Competition
2018.11.06.(W)~2018.11.08.(F) 2nd Competition


5. Awards
- Number of recipients and amount of scholarship is subject to change upon the number of participants, competition results and the policy of the university

- Grand Prize : Certificate and Scholarship 3,000,000 Won
- 1st Prize : Certificate and Scholarship 1,000,000 Won
- 2nd Prize: Certificate and Scholarship 500,000 Won
- 3rd Prize: Certificate and Scholarship 300,000 Won
- 4th Prize: Certificate and Scholarship 200,000 Won
- Participation Prize : Certificate and Scholarship 100,000 Won


* All recipients will receive the certificate for the excellence in SW coding
* Recipients are eligible to work as a TA in programming courses
* Awardee of receive other scholarships could receive the scholarship
* Although the total amount of scholarship exceeds the tuition, students are still awarded the scholarship
* Students under academic probation, leave of absence. and extended period of study are not eligible to receive the scholarship. The certificate can be awarded
* Students who are in their final semester are eligible to participate in the competition

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