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Hi! Global computer engineering students


This is information for Hackerton event on December 19 to December 20..

It is an event that finishes from idea planning to software development at a certain time and place like a marathon.


This event will be done by Korean but if foreign students will join they will get English guide by during the event. We recommend team base registration (3-4 persons) if you are interesting in this event.

(S/W Development, S/W Design, S/W planning)


Date: 12/19/2017 ~ 12/20/2017

Location: Sejong University (Inform after registration)

Target: Undergraduate student only


1st Prize 1,000,000 (1team)

2nd Prize 800,000 (2teams)

3rd Prize 600,000(3teams)

4th Prize 200,000(5teams)


Registration by 2017/12/14

Registration method go to: www.facebook.com/sejong1sc

Q&A: Kakaotalk Yellow ID: 세종소융 or 010-2801-5429

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