2019 fall: New student orientation for GCE 8/29 4PM Kwang bldg. 106 and 1st semester course registration

by 컴퓨터공학과 posted Aug 29, 2019


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Dear, New 2019 fall GCE student 


We will have New student orientation for Global Computer Engineering department on 8/29 4PM Kwang bldg. 106. 

Please join and check important notice and school curiculum. 





2019 fall course registration. 

All student should register course as below by yourself on the portal system. 

CE department pre-registered some course who does not change password. 


All students need to check your registered course and register course as below guideline with your responsibility. 


Gen.edu.req.(중핵필수), Korean Thinking and Expression 1, 3 credits

Gen.edu.req.(중핵필수), Korean Language and Culture 1, 3 credits

Gen.edu.req.(중핵필수), Introduction to Western Philosophy, 3 credits

Gen.edu.req. (중핵필수) Sejong Volunteer 1, 1 credit

•Sejong Volunteer 1: Must Go to Office Jiphyun 115 and get guide

Com.eng.cor. (전공기초교양) precalculus, 3 credits

Com.eng.req. (전공필수), C Programming and Lab, 4 credits

Total: 17 credits


Additional option

Gen.edu.ele. (중핵필수선택) Select one class (1과목 선택) 3 credits

Total: 20 credits 


You can cancel or add course during September 3rd to 6th (10am ~5pm)